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Collection 2020

Unique furniture from shared dreams.

Let us pleasantly disorient and accompany You through an exotic and seductive journey. Delight yourself with the scent of tea leaves and mint, dates and honey, walking along the ridge of the Atlas Mountains; a mix of Middle Eastern suggestions that mix and take shape in ornamental and precious furnishings like treasure chests. Rediscover the elegant lightness of an ancient oriental decorative technique and admire it floating gracefully on the Collection furnitures. A step back in time reveal the result of experimentation and a sense of proportion: sinuous and clean lines that generate comfortable and fine seats.

“…Imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Albert Einstein

Atlante cabinet

The container is inspired by the decorations of Berber handcrafted rugs hand-woven in the villages located in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. The plaques embedded in the wood reflect the light and guide the gaze by changing the appearance of the container from every angle. Atlante is textured completely by hand and treated one by one in the finishes of the collection, to honour and to continue the tradition of high craftsmanship, where small differences make each container a thoroughly unique piece.

The Atlante cabinet is produced in a limited edition of 10 pieces progressively numbered.

Hula Hoop sofa

The Hula Hoop series of sofas and armchairs draws inspiration from the lines of the seats produced in the 50’s and 60’s reinterpreting their shapes. The purest icon of those years is the Hula Hoop toy, from which it takes its name. The Hula Hoop is characterized by soft and light shapes, made in different sizes and versions, curved and linear ones. This series floats in space through curved legs, the fabric and leather coverings are finished with a micro profile that define and enhance the whole structure design.

Sumi low table

Suminagashi, “the art of floating ink living through water”. The low table called Suminagashi has a slender structure in bronze casting, which is contrasted by a thick top with rounded corners on both sides. This process opposes a rigid form with a soft one creating a flawless balance. The top employs a natural essence that graphically shows the technique in which the artist makes the ink floating through water.

Classics with a twist

Lama lamp

Diego lamp double switch

Maua chair and armchair with armrests
Saffron armchair in fabric and leather with armrests
Saffron chair
Saffron chair with armrests

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