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We think of space as a white sheet, a place to write stories, where a narrative thread runs through every detail, ensuring a neat sense of continuity. Things are born one by one, just like words — few, precise, necessary — ready to fill rooms and corners with their keen sense of proportion.

Each piece is rooted in integrity, handmade by artisans we know by name, using honest, sought-after materials with respectful attention to detail. We consider this to be the maximum in terms of modern craftsmanship.

Material Research

Nature gives us almost everything we need to make clean-lined pieces that achieve aesthetic and structural delight via their sought-after material. Leather, velvet, silk or linen for fine upholstering, and, above all, precious woods and bronze for components and finishings.
The organic, effortless consistency of each surface greatly symbolizes the identity of The Collection, which stems from a strong blend of inspirations influenced both by twentieth century decorators and by oriental art.


There is so much involved in the idea of tradition — an entire attitude, a value system, a way of life. It is not solely about the maintenance of certain practices; it is about profound beliefs that take their living form over time, far away from the lure of large-scale production.


We love engaging in meaningful dialogue with the people we meet and work with all over the world. They are the reason why every item we design has a neat storyline melding culture, art and history, made to build characterful interiors, all equally unique.

High-tech production

In-depth technical expertise plays a vitally important role in our artisanal labor. Whimsical curves, seamless lines and sheer materials are mechanically engineered to work together forever. Even the tiniest artifact comes with necessary, perfect functionality.

Fewer, but better

Our products have sustainability built in as they are born to last for lifetimes. Our production process causes no unnecessary harm to plants and animals. Our main wish is to improve the lives of people, for our clients, our partners, and the world we live in.

Product Customization


Sometimes, one size doesn’t fit all: this is where imagination comes into play. If you are dreaming of something that is truly yours, we will take care of it - from start to finish. Because this is not about just embossing initials into leather or cloth: it’s about satisfying a keen wish for originality and comfort.