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Hyperborea oltremare

A lively breeze blows from celestial lands bathed in perpetual light.
A soft knock at the door announces days of earthly bliss. Let them in.
Welcome an infinite, primordial delight into your space — a clear sense of both abundance and purity, somewhere between a flourishing spring afternoon and a serene winter night sky.

Hyperborea draws its inspiration from legendary territories where the terrestrial and celestial beginning of civilization must have happened. As the first home of Apollo, those were blessed with days of endless light and an eternal spring. The collection recalls the spirit of such mythic places, featuring both eastern and nordic undertones. The elements seem to come from a midway land where indoor and outdoor landscapes overlap, creating dynamism and intimacy through a silent yet engaging dialogue with the inhabitants. They couple a kind of magnificent minimalism with the in-depth technical know-how of how things work. Each piece comes with an unerring sense of measure and proportion. Each piece knows how to live and breathe in urbane extensions. In its dedicated space, it finds meaning and prominence — a perfect joy.

I come from a land in the sunbright deep,

Where golden gardens grow;

Where the winds of the north, be calmed in sleep,

Their conch-shells never blow.

— Thomas Moore, Song Of A Hyperborean

Alice Modular Chandelier

The magnetism of the ocean transports us to a universe of extraordinary creatures of which Alice chandelier is the star. The inspiration is mesmerising: shoals of speeding anchovies perform a luminous dance marked by the chiaroscuro of the sun and the movement of the sea.
Alice is a small but bold luminous element that both illuminates and decorates, capable of standing alone or in a multitude of elements.

Manta Table

The table is inspired by the seductive elegance of the manta ray’s underwater movements. An ethereal shape that seems to float freely suspended in the void: weightless and regal.
The Manta table top is characterised by an extremely smooth and sinuous shape, with no corners or elements to interrupt the linearity of the shape. A minimal gap divides the fixed top from the optional lazy susan, highlighting design and craftsmanship of the highest level.
The zoomorphic legs in cast bronze are deliberately light and sculptural.

Faria Towel Hanger, Celia Shoe Storage Bench, Herb Valet Stand

The small details are by far the most important. That is why we have created a series of small helpers that can make our everyday life easier. Elegant, quiet, bold and above all useful, they boast simplicity of design combined with noble and elaborate manufacture, as has always been the Collection’s style.


An expanding universe

Carapace lamp

Dar daybed

Dune armchair

Levare table
Atlante cabinet

Saffron chair with armrests

Saffron Mistral armchair

Aura floor lamp

Sakon table lamp

Drop low table

Emile daybed

Hula Hoop linear sofa
Aru table

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