Once upon a time

Tondelli senior was a gifted craftsman and manufacturer, highly specialized in woodworking. In 1954 he started working on bespoke furniture for wealthy Italian families. Those were luxury goods, realized for a new class of owners who wanted a new look, all their own. And so, from day one, Tondelli got widely known for using the finest wood species to create priceless pieces.

Becoming Lorenzo Tondelli

How do you transform a laboratory into a firm to revolutionize the luxury furniture concept? For his sons, who lately  began managing the company, endeavor and creative fantasy could coexist without contradiction; the combination of the two would bring success to the brand, lately named after the younger brother, Lorenzo. His artistic skills emerged since the early years of his life, when he was being hypnotized by his father’s gestures. Step by step, facing every occasion to learn with amazing confidence, the boy became a man. A designer.
Lorenzo Tondelli’s inborn talent and astounding sense of style made him took the helm as creative director of the House. Together with our team, he determined the company’s image, production, and communication strategy. Thanks to our handcrafters’ full cooperation, we etched the lines of our own desires, which brought about exquisite and iconic furniture items.

From Modena to the World: a successful Collection

Lorenzo’s original point of view marked the debut of an international career, allowing us to take our first steps towards global business, and to widening our production. His own collection was born to keep the ancient handcraft techniques alive, while showing an extremely recognizable and contemporary vibe, impossible to ignore. Tondelli’s very style stems from an extraordinary blend of inspirations, highly influenced both by 1920s French interior decorators as well as by oriental and primitive art.The natural beauty and consistency of each material has always been considered the real standout. Pieces are symmetrical and clean-lined, achieving aesthetic and structural delight via their rich and exotic materials. Classy, unusual simplicity is the key to emphasize comfort and to let objects in the space shine.
The Collection’s very identity came to life in the early 2000s. Today, in a feat of passion and patience, our highly-qualified artisans never stop seeking the finest solutions with scientific precision.




A long-established reality

Every new hint is a unique opportunity to overcome limits and to increase the value of our entire production. We love enriching our visual vocabulary with classical concepts and ultramodern insights: we use to mix them to create pieces with an everlasting power to fascinate and seduce.
Our primary measure of success is highly satisfied owners. That is what drives us to greatness. Our strong identity is what made us turn into an international company. That is what strengthens our ability to understand different languages and to interpret luxurious lifestyles.
– Shortlist – SBID International Design Awards
– Gold – IDEA International Design Excellence Award
– Certificate of Excellence – Best Lighting – A&D Trophy Awards
– Silver – IDEA International Design Excellence Award

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