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With its 75 metres of length, the yacht has been designed with the purpose of sailing for many weeks in complete autonomy. The customers longing to enjoy these spaces for long periods, have requested rooms which transmit serenity and elegance out of time. The collection Lorenzo Tondelli recognizes itself into these characteristics. The images refers to the third bridge, living area, dining area and master room. The objects are conceived for the nautical furniture and interpreted in contemporary style into the different spaces. The sofas with structure in solid mahogany wood and the turning armchairs, live side by side with the ebony floor, with the leather boiserie and other elements in cast bronze and aluminum. The sliding doors, upholstered in leather with bronze decorations, screen off and separate the entrance, the dining room and the bar area from the living room. The boiserie is slightly lifted from the floor and a continuous led light creates an additional bright effect in the room. The master room is developed in three spaces in line between them: bathroom, bed area and walk-in closet. A marble shell shaped low relief with a feeble light makes the room relaxing and with nautical theme, still preserving elegance and contemporary style.

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