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Welcome to Hyperborea

A lively breeze blows from celestial lands bathed in perpetual light. A soft knock at the door announces days of earthly bliss. Let them in. Welcome an infinite, primordial delight into your space — a clear sense of both abundance and purity, somewhere between a flourishing spring afternoon and a serene winter night sky. Hyperborea draws its inspiration from legendary territories where the terrestrial and celestial beginning of civilization must have happened. As the first home of Apollo, those were blessed with days of endless light and an eternal spring. The collection recalls the spirit of such mythic places, featuring both eastern and nordic undertones. The elements seem to come from a midway land where indoor and outdoor landscapes overlap, creating dynamism and intimacy through a silent yet engaging dialogue with the inhabitants. They couple a kind of magnificent minimalism with the in-depth technical know-how of how things work. Each piece comes with an unerring sense of measure and proportion. Each piece knows how to live and breathe in urbane extensions. In its dedicated space, it finds meaning and prominence—a perfect joy.

I come from a land in the sunbright deep,

Where golden gardens grow;

Where the winds of the north, be calmed in sleep,

Their conch-shells never blow.

— Thomas Moore, Song Of A Hyperborean

Dune armchair

Dune’s strangely beautiful silhouette looks straight to a sci-fi visual narrative. Its sleek, untouched curves interplay like sandy waves to induce fantasies about moonlit trips to a dream planet we might call “home”. Dune Armchair has ultra ergonomic lines and a cleanest design ensured by almost non-existent seams. The armchair belongs to a series that acknowledges material matching: customize it with leathers in different colors or combine leather with wood or metal. 

Aura lamp

Aura is all about soft magnetism finding freedom through a cage. The wall becomes the sky as light leaks spread symmetrically over it, catching the eye through a sought-after movement of shades. Aura Lamp celebrates the utmost pleasure of skywatching: it conveys the aesthetic of northern lights through a stern yet appealing reproduction of an ancient Chinese cricket cage. Filtering the light through a unique screen surrounded by tiny bars, it reverberates an alluring game of shadows in the room.

Drop low table

Drop captures stillness and change at the same time. There’s a quiet, flat pond, and then some tiny raindrops falling: the exact moment when they become water happens and freezes right before us. Drop has a fluid identity laying in its shapes and attitude. It has a unifying presence, with its flat and large plateau creating harmonious combinations with different pieces from the collection.

Levare low table

Levare was born to be necessary and daily as the flavor of salt. And yet, it’s shaped and named after Michelangelo’s sculptural manner of taking away, instead of adding, to reach the peak of essential artfulness. Levare is a leather and metal low table with a soothing feel deriving from its blatant efficiency and plain essentiality. Geometries and volumes are subtracted, reduced to a minimum — just enough to serve intelligently, clearing the space for anything else. 

An expanding universe

Carapace lamp

Dar daybed

Lanterna table lamp

Sumi low table
Atlante cabinet

Saffron chair with armrests

Saffron Mistral armchair

Saffron chair without armrests

Sakon table lamp

Gogo pouf

Emile daybed

Hula Hoop linear sofa
Aru table

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