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Custom-made Design

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, and actually, that’s what’s so wonderful about being designers.

In fact, we love to be the ones who shape your ideas into something unusual and everlasting — something that is truly yours, from conception to completion.

This is not about just embossing initials into leather or cloth: it is about satisfying a keen wish for originality and comfort that will seamlessly suit your space and reflect your domestic or business ethos – whether it’s a bespoke sofa, a personalised chair, a custom table or an entire dining setting.

Before and After

Sometimes you might love the look of a chair, a sofa, a dresser… but maybe it’s not entirely right for you as it is. Luckily, our collection is an ever-expanding cosmos, observable from many points of view: behind what you see, there is a whole world of unseen possibilities.

We’re ready to adapt our classic pieces, gently allowing them to evolve into new innovative and functional configurations: let us re-imagine them together according to your taste and needs.

DOGON – Standard

DOGON – Custom

Creativity favors the bold

A dream is a wish your heart – and your art, of course – makes, so you are more than welcome to dream big: this is where you unleash your imagination. Share your cherished design idea with our studio: we will draw it into existence with extreme accuracy and care in selecting proportions, tools, and materials.

If that idea comes from something real, something that you saw around the world – in your travels, in your city, in a photo – we’ll study it, take notes on how it was built and compose templates allowing our craftsman to reproduce and scale it to any size. The bigger, the better: the sky’s the limit.

Fabrics and Leathers

Pleasing the eye and inviting the touch is a mission we are devoted to, so we locate the most delicate textiles to envelope your bespoke, unrepeatable pieces in beauty and resistance. And yet, choices can be overwhelming, so let us help you pick from multiple fabrics and leathers – from silk velvet to wool, in a spectrum of sheer colors. Alternatively, if you find something different you would love to use, provide us with a cloth sample: we will make sure it works perfectly with the decor and function you have in mind. After that, we can go on upholstering or covering the item – or set of items – of your dreams.

Woods and Metals

Strength and grace blend into our distinctive selection of wood and metal finishes, made to suit timeless pieces to be enjoyed for generations. Indulge in fine, textured materials such as engraved or cast bronze, and silver or light-gold 24k finishings. The spectrum of wood patinas – like natural lati, eucalyptus, or fumigated oak – also allows absolute individualization for matt or glossy surfaces, classic or eccentric looks which will age with charm. From the shade of a decorative handle, to the configuration of your next wall system, we will provide collaborative style guidance. And, of course, our dedicated craftsmen will ensure an impeccable design process and seamless installation.